Fun Food Words

Learn about the names of Spanish Food  and Typical Sayings about Food

One of the many reasons I love Spain is because life generally revolves around food.  If you are not actually eating, then you are usually talking about what you will or have eaten.  I love to eavesdrop on conversations as I sit and enjoy a coffee or walk down the street.  Nine times out of ten people are talking about food.  So here are some good Spanish food vocabulary and Sayings to either just enjoy or to use in future travels.

1.  Me he puesto como el Kiko.

This saying basically means to have stuffed yourself silly.  Literally, I have become like Kiko.  Supposedly Kiko was a Gypsy man who stuffed himself by eating pounds and pounds of shrimp.

2.  “Con pan y vino se hace el camino” or “Con queso, pan y vino se anda el camino”.

One of my favorites referring to the Path of St. James.  It means, With bread and wine you can walk the Path.  Or with cheese, bread and wine you can walk the path. I love it, nothing else necessary, just bread, cheese, and wine and you can walk 500 miles.

3.  “El vino alegra el ojo, sana el diente, y limpia el vientre”

From Don Quijote de la Mancha.  “Wine puts happiness in your eye, makes your teeth healthy and cleans your insides. “

4.  “Pan con pan, comida de tontos”

Literally translated, “Bread with bread, a fool’s meal”.  But the meaning of it is that having a get together with people who all think alike, dress alike, act alike or are of the same gender is not interesting at all.

5.  “Para hacer una tortilla, hay que romper varios huevos”

Literally, “to make an omelette you must break many eggs”.  The saying  means that in order to accomplish what you desire, you must make many sacrifices.

6. “Vete a freír espárragos”

Basically, “Go to hell” or “Get out of here”!  Excuse my French.  Literally translates to  “Go fry asparagus”. Why? Maybe so the oil will jump out and burn you. Who knows but it is clear as day when used as a saying. 

7. “Estas son lentejas, si quieres las comes, y si no, las dejas”.

As my Nana would have said, “Take it or leave it”.  These are lentils, if you want them, eat them, and if no, leave them. 

8.  “Me has pillado con las manos en la masa”. 

To be caught red handed.  You caught me with my hands in the dough. 

9. “Uvas con queso saben a beso”.  

This is definitely a favourite! Coming from a land with plenty of grapes and cheese! Grapes and cheese together taste like a kiss! Fantastic.  Get yourself a nice hunk of queso manchego and some fat green or red grapes and you will understand this saying. Or convert your grapes into wine.  How about a strong blue cheese like Cabrales with a glass of sweet sherry like a Pedro Jimenez. Is there anything better than a delicious kiss?

10. “Al pan, pan y al vino, vino”  or  ” Al pan, pan y al vino, vino y al gazpacho con pepino”

Again to quote my Nana, “Tell it like it is”!! Bread is bread, wine is wine. Bread is bread, wine is wine and cucumber in the gazpacho!

11. “El aceite de oliva es armero, relojero y curandero”.

Olive oil will keep your body running smoothly! Olive oil is a gunsmith, a watchmaker and a medicine man/woman.

12. “Dar la vuelta a la tortilla”

Literally this means to flip the omelette, in this case it would be the traditional Spanish potato omelette, of course! We might say, ” No des la vuelta a la tortilla”. Meaning, to turn the tables. Often when referring to government changing their stand on something, or simply in conversation between two people.

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