7 thoughts on “A night in the Alhambra…..”

  1. Maggie, sorry to learn about your need for surgery, but glad to know that you are home again and on the mend. Best wishes for a complete and rapid recovery. Stay strong and stay well. 🤞🏻


  2. Dear Margaret, it’s so nice to see you and to follow your blog. When we last visited Granada, we stayed at the Santa Paola Hotel… for our next visit to Granada, your Parador is on bucket list.
    Glad that you recovered from your surgery! Im back home after being hospitalized for six months due to a surgery mistake in December. Still recuperating at home.
    Best regards!


    1. I am so happy to hear from you!! I have been thinking of you both. I am very happy to hear that you are home from the hospital. I hope you are feeling ok and recovered. You should definitely come to Granada and stay at the Parador. We can have a lovely dinner together if you would like. Much love to you both and please keep in touch.


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