The Moor’s Last Sigh…………

“A sigh isn’t just a sigh. We inhale the world and breathe out meaning. While we can. While we can.” Salman Rushdie, The Moor’s Last Sigh.

Lágrimas de Boabdil

It would be impossible to count how many times I’ve told the story of Boabdil, the last Nasrid King of Granada or Garnata al Yahud; Granada of the Jews. There are many legends and stories connected to Abdullah Mohammed Xll, the man who handed over the keys of the last Muslim stronghold on the Iberian Peninsula to Isabel and Fernando in 1492. He referred to these keys as the “keys to paradise”. As he left the city of Granada to go into exile to the Alpujarras (southern part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range) he paused at a mountain pass which is now named, The Sigh of the Moor, and shed tears over ending of 800 years of of Muslim rule. His Mother, Aixa, who was with him on this journey into exile said, “Do not weep as a woman for what you could not defend as a man.” Hence, the legend of the tears of Boabdil.

We have a dessert in Granada named after this legend. It is called “Lágrimas de Boabdil”. This dessert, with an obvious Moorish/Jewish influence, is unfamiliar to most people but they serve my favorite version at the restaurant next to my house. It has a buttery almond base topped with carmelized crunchy almonds and a raspberry glaze. It pairs well with a local red wine from the Señorio de Nevada winery.

Boabdil’s tears are understandable to anyone who has been to Granada. Not only did handing over Granada to the Catholic Monarchs signify the end to one of the most important examples of religious tolerance, Boabdil was forced to leave his home and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Washington Irving speaks well of this in his last paragraph of Tales of the Alhambra, and I can also share this sentiment as I have been unable to live anywhere else for the past 25 years.

13 thoughts on “The Moor’s Last Sigh…………”

  1. A wonderful story and a dessert that came from it. I like that it is served with wine. Thanks for the memories and new words. Best to you and yours, Heather


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  2. Also, I have fresh sardines coming here next week to roast.

    I have already made the delicious tuna burger with sautéd shallots, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic that Robin and I shared on the patio at the Corinthia in Lisbon. It is a piece of tender tuna. I highly recommend it!

    Thanks again. Happy Saturday. Heather

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  3. Hola, I maybe sending this twice. Regardless, great to hear from you.  Thanks for the great recipes, and insights into your adventures. Hope our paths cross again. Bob Kamm

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  4. Have been delighted to read your postings. One of the most memorable moments of my life was sitting with my husband in a restaurant in Granada eating “lagrimas de boabdil” while watching the sunset on the Alhambra. I’ve been desperately searching for the recipe so I can make it at home here in Canada? Any suggestions?


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