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About Me

Welcome to MOONINSPAIN. When I arrived in Granada  as a student and found my first apartment in the Albaicin neighborhood,  I knew that my life would be changed forever.  In the first few years I found every possible way to support myself and my new found addiction to this country.  Teaching English was my first job until I found ways to maintain myself with endeavors that I actually enjoyed.  I became the personal cook for my neighbors and also made and sold fresh pasta until I finally settled into my permanent job as a Tour Director.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share my adopted countries along with their cultures and cuisines with many different groups and individuals.  I try to share my passion of Spain and Portugal with everyone I meet so they go home feeling that they are taking a bit of the Iberian Peninsula with them.
After being raised in an Italian American family much of my energy goes to food; cooking, eating, discovering, searching for and enjoying.  At home I am as organic as possible, taking advantage of our wonderful cooperative here in Granada.  While on the road be it for work or pleasure, I indulge in the best Spain and Portugal have to offer. From my very first night that I spent in Madrid in a tiny hostel up until now, I have spent hours researching tapas bars, restaurants and hotels.  My favorite past time is finding hidden spots, filled with culture and authenticity.  Here I plan to share my love of Spanish and Portuguese food, wine and culture as I know it.  For the first time,  I am setting down the microphone and stepping off the bus to offer my knowledge in written form.

I have been blessed with two true loves on the peninsula. One is my gorgeous daughter, Luna, who is now 10. And the other is my amazing partner whom I have been blessed to know and love and will continue to do………….

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Anne Doyle on said:

    Love it Margaret. Just lovely. As are you. Can’t wait to read more!! xoxo Anne


  2. Jess Burnquist on said:

    This is wonderful!


  3. Randall Walter on said:

    this was quite interesting! I’m so happy to have finally learned your story. (I’m also quite happy for you)



  4. Christine Dawson on said:

    So happy that you are doing this…your posts and pictures are bringing back some great memories. I am looking forward to the next one! Love you!


  5. Sir Jonathan Fried Esq on said:

    What a wonderful life!!


  6. How neat!!! I studied abroad in Granada so it has a special place in my heart too! I miss it!


  7. So glad I discovered your blog, we are going to Andalucia on our honeymoon in April. I lived in Toulouse, France for a year and would often take short trips around northern Spain (mostly Pais Vasco & Catalunya) but never got to make it down south. Whenever I spent time in Spain I always felt like I had learned the “wrong” language and should have studied Spanish instead of French!


  8. I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, and its in my bucket list. Looking forward to reading your posts on beautiful Spain!


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